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We have a wide cliental with our over 200 units of Kidderminster Storage containers spread across a professional 3 acre site. There are no staircases to climb, no long corridors to walk while getting to your storage or no inconvenient lifts to take. Just simple and straightforward storage. Here’s what our customers say:

  • Ema Wayans Kidderminster UK

    We needed some large business Self Storage Kidderminster options for our not so frequently used paperwork and expensive equipment. Lisle Self Storage actually got referred to us from one of our business clients who already had a storage container with them. After using their large sized containers, we got the feeling of freedom as their facility is very well organized. Containers are easy to get to and are all on ground floor. Overall, we would recommend these guys for anyone looking to store their business items with peace of mind and convenience.

  • Jhon H. Kidderminster, UK

    Having a big family, we always struggled with storing our valuable items in the house. A family friend of ours told us about some Kidderminster Self Storage options. Upon investigating in detail, we came across Lisle Self Storage who offered all options that we needed. They had smaller storage containers that was a perfect option for our domestic needs. Now we have a safe and secure home for our lesser used items that we can still get to whenever needed and required. Thumbs up to Lisle Self Storage for offering Storage Kidderminster deals close to where we live in a neat and tidy way.

  • Mark Rosy Kidderminster, UK

    My personal storage was getting a bit out of hand. I am a handyman offering services to my clients. For my every so increasing equipment and tools, I had to find quality storage that was easy to access and available in my required sizes. After searching for a few days, I found Lisle Self Storage who exceeded all my expectations. Their personal Kidderminster Self Storage allowed me to drive down to my container without any lengthy walks or cliffhanger lifts. I can get my equipment whenever I require with the peace of mind that it is safe and in one place.

  • Mario Andretti Kidderminster, UK

    I am a mattress reseller and with a growing business, I hit a road block when my storage got overly filled. Thankfully, Lisle Self Storage offered me Container Storage Kidderminster options that solved my problem and allowed me to grow my business even further. Now I have a self-sustained storage for all my mattresses that is clean, tidy and always well protected. I would happily recommend these guys to anyone looking for cheap and reliable off-shore storage.

Best Self Storage in Kidderminster

Are you looking for simply the best Self Storage Kidderminster option that is convenient, cheap and reliable? Lisle Self Storage is the service you need for all your business, personal or commercial belongings. We have a large 3 acre site that is filled with more than 200 containers in all sizes. Our affordable Kidderminster Storage rates start from £120 only offering no fuss no muss storage to anyone looking for a safe place to keep their precious belongings. Get comfortable with our high quality customer service and visit us now any day any time. Get 20ft containers for your storage requirements or any other size that suits you best. Our Container Storage Kidderminster is the best in our region. Self Storage Kidderminster has never been served better before. Lisle Self Storage offers best Storage Kidderminster plans available for all kinds of storage belongings. Now you can lock away all your lesser used small, medium or large belongings knowing that they are only a secure lock away whenever you need them. Self Storage Kidderminster has an option you can trust. Get in touch with now and get best Storage Kidderminster deals for all sizes of containers near you.

Domestic Self Storage Kidderminster
Residential Storage

Are you looking for best domestic storage containers for your household items in Kidderminster? Lisle Self Storage is the best option in the area. We provide best in class Storage Kidderminster options with our containers available in all sizes perfect for any of your small to extra-large sized household items.

Office or Business Self Storage Kidderminster
Office & Business Storage

Lisle Self Storage offers industry leading office and business storage options in Kidderminster at affordable rates. Starting from 20ft of storage containers that are easy to get to with no staircases or long corridors at all, our sizes go all the up to the largest containers for office and business Self Storage Kidderminster needs.

Document Self Storage Kidderminster
Document Storage

Got too many files in your commercial building or office setting? Get perfect Kidderminster Storage containers options from Lisle Self Storage to sort out all your storage problems. We are available at a convenient location in your city offering best self-storage containers in all sizes that are easy to get to and very reliable.

The Safest Storage! 24/7 CCTV Security

FAQs - Self Storage Kidderminster

A: If you have too much stuff and belongings to store and too little space to store them in, Self Storage Kidderminster would be the perfect solution. Quite simply, it is a storage solution everyone can use when in need of secure storage options.

A: At Lisle Self Storage in Kidderminster, we sell you storage space. You will need to specify what kinds of belongings you will be storing. After that, it is completely your choice. If you hire commercial storage containers from us, you can use it for commercial Self Storage Kidderminster, no problem.

A: Lisle Self Storage has many different storage container sizes available. Starting from 20 feel, our containers are available for all sized belongings. We have large merged containers as well where you can store all belongings safely.

A: Usually our packages are modified for monthly basis. You can hire our Self Storage Kidderminster containers for as long as you need to. Short term options are also available for less than a week of storage.

A: Anything and everything provided you get the right space options. However, Lisle Self Storage abides by all legal regulations that limit the storage of any firearms, illegal substances like drugs or explosives, dangerous weapons that are not firearms like machetes, axes or swords.

A: At Lisle Self Storage, we provide private supervised Storage Kidderminster. You are the boss of your storage with us. We will provide you a secure and safe storage container, you can store whatever you want in it and lock it as you leave. You have the key and you control all your belongings, it’s totally private.

A: Yes. An insurance cover is optional. For this, you will need to record any items that you store with our Self Storage Kidderminster services. We also cover loss or damage of any belongings that you store at our facility as long as it was recorded and covered in the insurance. You will need to declare about the fragile items when storing them.

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Lisle Self Storage has a wide cliental in Kidderminster. Our Container Storage Kidderminster service is loved by all our clients. These are the numbers that we are proud of:


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Kidderminster Storage Blog

Domestic Self Storage Kidderminster
Why Lisle Self Storage Is the Best Self Storage Option in Kidderminster?

Do you have too many belongings to store and too little space to store them in? A self-storage solution is what you need in Kidderminster, England. Lisle Self Storage is your most reliable service provider in the Kidderminster region near Birmingham. We have some of the best storage facilities in the region offering affordable and secure storage for all our clients at all times.

Office or Business Self Storage Kidderminster
What Items Can You Store in Self Storage Kidderminster Containers for Safe Keeping?

Self-storage solutions are without a doubt some of the most essential for a lot of people and businesses. Anyone who might have too many belongings and too little space to store them will get great benefits from Self Storage solutions. When you get the right sized storage containers, you can practically store any of your belongings in them keeping them safe for as long as required.

Document Self Storage Kidderminster
Is Lisle Self Storage Kidderminster Secure for All Your Valuable Belongings?

When you think about Kidderminster Self Storage for any of your belongings, safety and security for them is the number 1 concern. It is also understandable for people to be worried about the integrity of their belongings. However, with a self-storage expert in Kidderminster like Lisle Self Storage, you can be rest assure that all your belongings will be safe for as long as you need.